About Our Firm

Salcedo Law Firm is a dedicated law firm located in Albuquerque, New Mexico that focuses on Family Law, Criminal Law and Civil Proceedings.

Attorney Betsy Salcedo has practiced in the courts of New Mexico and various tribal courts for the past thirteen years. Betsy has represented clients in divorce, legal separation and child custody matters as well as civil matters and criminal cases.

The Salcedo Law Firm can ease the stress of your divorce, custody or child support case in two important ways. First, we strive to get you a fair result. A fair result means that your assets are divided pursuant to law. Support is set at the right amount based upon all relevant facts and your relationship with your children is preserved. Ideally, these results can be negotiated. Salcedo Law Firm's experienced advocates will not back down. Second, we try to keep your legal costs low by accurately accessing the case, moving your case forward until completion and considering at all times if the results will justify the dollars spent.

One of the ways we can best help you is by the advice we give you from the beginning of your case. We know when you have to proceed immediately and when it is best to wait until matters are more in your favor.

If you think your case would benefit from the experience and responsiveness of the Salcedo Law Firm or if you'd like additional information, please call (505) 610-6904 or email us at info@salcedolawnm.com